Last year’s Diwali was different.

Last year’s Diwali was different. I came home for two days and it was just like always, warm and bright. I had a boyfriend and a best friend. This year they both decided to stop loving me and that is that.

This year was different. It was kind, humble and joyous. My brother wasn’t home for the very first time during the festivities so that banter was missed along with few more things. But you know, there was a time when I thought life’s revolving around a certain people and if they left me hanging, boy would it hurt me or HURT ME. It did but it is surprising how you can pick up those pieces together and glue them back. Take your time but you will heal.

So last year’s Diwali was different. Last year my smile was a little bright, this year it was my makeup. But you know, things keep changing and people can come and go and what’s left is you. You must make yourself self-sufficient. You make yourself humble, kind, caring and conscious towards the things that could hurt you. Because then not only will you protect yourself but not even put others through it.

Last year’s Diwali was different. I was careless and could easily take things for granted. This year, I knew how important it was to be a part of the community, to be carefree and yet be sensitive towards everything that everyone is going through. Work, mind, body, just about every struggle that we take lightly because it isn’t happening to us.

Last year people around me made me happy. This year, I tried to be around people and be a part of their happiness.

Happy Diwali everyone. I hope it brings you joy, success and lots of love.

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  1. srijan says:

    this was rather sweet. also, would you mind if i were to ask you something?


    1. Sakshi Singh says:

      Thanks, Srijan. Glad you think so. Please do 🙂


      1. srijan says:

        i was wondering, if maybe i could write you a poem sometime, if you won’t mind 🙂


      2. Sakshi Singh says:

        That is the sweetest gesture 🙂 Please do.


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