Back to school.

When I graduated from college, I said no more. Finally, I am going to be working and I can bid adieu to the books and the notes and the 3-hour seminars and projects and research and deadlines and Turnitin and plagiarism tool and the LIST IS LONG.

I started working 4 and a half years ago and it was not such an easy road. I did work during my college days as well but you know a part-time job is way different to a full-time job. This was a different zone. I had tasks and deadlines (ugh) and so much to learn while being a creative, out-of-the-box thinker, team player and all of it. Your first job is when you are a zero in the real world and that’s when everything starts. It’s a roller-coaster after that.

My second job was fun. It was all glamour and editorial and partly involved working with Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh (you know that smile!). Moving on to BFSI in my third job was a leap of faith. I thought to myself, “why not”. I invest. I can learn about it. Maybe I can also deliver the learnings, plus the firm is one of the fortune 500s… so you know. You think about such matters and then you progress and process through it.

And then one day. I quit. I realised I have to move on because this comfort of a specific sector grows on me and all I talk about is lead generation and conversions and CPAs and CPLs. That’s no way to live a life (my work was my life). I packed my bags and came home. I left Mumbai because a lot of things and people in Mumbai were leaving (had left) me too. It made sense to take a break from my favourite city in the world. You know, like a detox.

Guess what, I am back to square one. I am studying. It’s a weird feeling but then I score a lot better in assessments now (87%!?!!). But I love it. I read a lot, I understands things thoroughly. I make sample decks, campaign strategies and you know what – I do it with my own time and leisure. It’s good to have no deadlines screaming at me.

So the point is, it is okay to stop and redo it. Even if you do it just for fun. Just for the time being till you don’t realize what appeals to you more. It’s a digital world, you can do whatever you want to do. Let no taboo or a timeline decide it for you.

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