Need of the hour: Optimism

It’s nobody’s fault, actually. We live in a world full of insecurities, dissatisfaction and competition. It is obvious to forget that we also live a world full of possibilities.

See the thing is, the glass is half empty or half full depends completely on your perception. The way you look at things is the way you will treat the world. If your approach towards every bump in the road is negative, how is it going to take a positive turn?

To be fair, I have been there. So I know that it is easier said than done but if you think about it, who will do it if you don’t?

I had this really interesting conversation with a friend last night who asked me about how I turned into such a self-aware person who knows her shit and owns up to it. I had to be candidly honest with him, accepting that I wasn’t always like this. I was highly sensitive towards everything and I would bring all of it home with me until it caused me stress. It started to reflect on my behaviour with my friends, family and even colleagues. I would take everything personally and think of it as something which is directed only at me just to hurt me. That never was the case because I was jumping in front of the bullets that weren’t even fired at me. These realisations only show when you are away from home and it seems absolutely absurd to call home for everything that is not an emergency.

So there it began. I began to understand my behaviour and I analysed my responses. Trust me, being a chronic overthinker really helps. I read a lot. Books like How to win friends and influence people really helped. But I think most of it happened because I understood that I was the one creating my own issues when there weren’t any. I was the one pulling the threads into a problem when it wasn’t even mine in the first place. It took me months to develop a face of optimist towards everything.

Now I finally can use the phrase, whatever happens, happens for good, freely. Otherwise, I never believed in it.

Just try changing your perspective towards things. It will all make sense.

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