Phenomenal Phi Phi!

I swear, but no one tells you the real truth about beautiful islands: they are terrifying at night.
Having said that, I must mention how breathtaking these islands are during the day. You can feel your own breath, it is that calm. I think if there is serenity on earth, it is where the land meets water. The mere sync in nature will leave you speechless.

I took a cruise ride to Phi Phi Islands. Imagine the best Hollywood movie that you watched with all these blue waters, vibrant sky and mountains everywhere you look. That is Phi Phi for you.
So if you need a beach size escape, my answer to you is Phi Phi.

Phi Phi Island is Thailand’s celebrity island that has been in more movies than any other location. People not only talk about its beautiful but you will not find one travel explorer who does not love Phi Phi. For a few, it’s the primary motivation to touchdown in Phuket. Indeed, even with all the promotion, it doesn’t baffle. Phi Phi’s excellence is an enormous lump of the appeal. The islands, when drawn closer by pontoon, ascend from the ocean like a stronghold.

A perfect combination of sanity and wilderness. Believe me, it will consume you.

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