All of me? 

It has been a while since I let someone in. Partly because I know I am too much to take. We all do. It is sort of a self analysis that I did after my past relationships with anybody, including my friends. And it seemed unfair to blame them for anything. I feel equally responsible…

Whats wrong?

Today’s menu- Emotions that are real. Words that are intimidating. Feelings that are overwhelming.

Glam with Devyani!

Hi guys! Thank you so much for the over-whelming comments, support and love all over here, Instagram and Roposo! Its always nice to hear such motivating things or “hey you’re doing so well”! There’s this thing about your home city, a couple of reasons why the moment you land in there you know you’re HOME….

Type of Guy! 

It is often when a guy asks a girl about the “type of guy” she might like. Or what’s her type. I have personally never been able to answer that. I always end up saying that I do not have a type. But today, I just gave it a thought. Because I had to answer it…

An old text. A thousand memories. 

“Hi. I am just texting you to tell you something. And no it is not pleading to make you come back to me or break your heart again or to hurt you. I know I have done enough. I guess it is Karma or maybe my guilt. I have been missing you so much, I…